LC Material & Cell Characterisatio

In addition to our instruments for Visual Performance Evaluation, we offers a range of measuring systems for analysis of a variety of LC material and cell parameters. These target values are used for LC material optimization, for quality control purposes in LC material manufacturing and for accurate numerical modelling of LCDs.

TBA series
The instruments of the TBA series evaluate the tilt bias angle (pretilt angle) in test-cells (TBA 107) and in completed displays (TBA 110). Thin cells and twisted configurations can be measured as well.

VHRM series
The instruments of the VHRM series have been designed for automated measurement of the voltage holding ratio of batches of test-cells over a wide range of temperatures.

LCCS series
The LCCS seriescomprises a range of modules for measurement of the rotational viscosity, residual DC, image sticking, time resolved current, ion mobility, capacitance and others.

Target Quantity 
tilt-bias angle(TBA)TBA 
average tilt angle of thin twisted cellsTBA 
cell-gap (empty and filled cell)TBA 
voltage holding ratio (VHR)VHRM
residual DC voltageLCCS
image sticking and retentionLCCS
rotational viscosity
current densityLCCS
dielectric constantsLCCS
capacitance and resistanceLCCS
ion mobilityLCCS