autronic GmbH was founded in 1972 as a company to develop customer specific nuclear measuring instruments for the nuclear reserach center located in the vicinity of Karlsruhe and as a service company for consumer electronics equipment.

1972 – 1982
Responding to the needs and requirements of its customers, autronic has been growing fast and at the same time considerably expanding and diversifying its activities.

In 1983, autronic started designing and trading of customer specific liquid crystal displays (LCD) for the automotive electronics industry in Europe. 

All LCD related activities were combined in the Electro Optical Systems Department of autronic (EOS Department). This department focused all energy and attention on the commercialization of two product concepts that had been developed during research projects at the University of Karlsruhe: an instrument for evaluation of the visual properties of LCDs (Display-Measurement-System, DMS) and a versatile simulation software for numerical modeling of the electro-optical performance of LCDs (Display-Modeling-System, DIMOS).

The DMS has been the first commercial measurement instrument for LCD visual performance evaluation versus viewing direction.

Introduction of DIMOS, the first commercial software package for systematic numerical optimization of LCD performance.

In search of a partner for expansion of the marketing activities to a more international level, in the summer of 1993, the EOS department of autronic GmbH, became the seed of the new company AUTRONIC-MELCHERS GmbH, the joint venture of autronic GmbH and the German trading house Melchers GmbH & Co. KG. While the European market for LCD measuring and modeling tools could be covered well from the headquarter in Germany directly, the new company established a network of sales representatives in the relevant countries of Asia.

1993 – 2000
Thanks to the close cooperation with our customers, the range of features of our measuring instruments has been expanded according to the demands of the rapidly evolving LCD industry. New challenges in the R&D department and the QC section of our customers in the LCD industry have also stimulated the development of new measuring devices (e.g. ConoScope, VHRM, TBA, LCCS).

Introduction of DIMOS.2D, the first finite-element based modeling software for optimization of the emerging IPS-effect.

AUTRONIC-MELCHERS introduced revised and improved versions of the well-proven measurement instruments DMS 500 and 700, adding the DMS-900 for large-area LCD-panels with a new concept for scanning of the viewing cone.

Introduction of the DMS-401, designed for electrical and electro-optical characterization of emissive devices such as OLED displays.

The release of DIMOS 2.0 marks a new level of features and functionalities in LCD simulation software products.

Introduction of DMS-1100 and DMS-1200, the world’s first PolyGonioscopes, designed for fast viewing-cone analysis of large area LCD-TV-sets. Introduction of the ConoScope-88.

With DIMOS.3D a new dimension of LCD modelling has been started.

Today and tomorrow

We are continuing our efforts to satisfy our customers with innovative products of outstanding performance and quality.